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« I have always been fascinated by what is hidden behind the phenomenon’s that we perceive with our senses. What will reveal itself when I follow inner impulses without a preceding analysis, uncovering something tangible within the intangible with material and form? »
Galerie von Vertes is proud to present POETIC DISTORTIONS, an exhibition of new sculptures by BORCOW and the artist’s first online solo exhibition at the gallery. The need for greater authenticity in the communication of his work has led the artist Uwe Karlsen to communicate his work as an artist in the future only under BORCOW - a name that is linked to his ancient family history. We are pleased that he associates this significant step with this first exhibition POETIC DISTORTIONS.

POETIC DISTORTIONS responds to BORCOW’s lifelong exploration of colour, form, and material. Where does chaos end and where does form begin? What processes did the material go through? Which role does colour play?
Throughout the artist’s life spanning career, the investigation into the possibilities and limits of distortion through experiments with hydraulic tools, gravity and explosives resulted in poetic distortions of liberated materials. Wax casts are being formed, folded, melted, cut, torn, pressed, and hammered until a form emerges from the chaos. Each form needs to be freed through a different process and each material only reveals its distinct qualities through the exploration of different methods.

As a keen observer BORCOW taps into the source of creative chance which allows him to take a step back in order to erase the patterns of his own sculptural approach. This artistic use of indeterminacy creates a space in which the beholder is invited to watch, feel, and contemplate the immanent qualities of beauty, chaos, creation, and chance.

Traditional materials like bronze, untreated and stainless steel are being handled by BORCOW in unconventional ways, opening up a broad spectrum of possibilities to question, investigate and understand the silent beauty of creation and destruction. Similar to the creation of Gerhard Richter’s Abstract Paintings which are the result of a systematic blurring and erasing of all abstraction, arbitrariness, layering but also moments, ideas and destruction, the sculptures of BORCOW have come into being through the infinite blurring, demoulding and distortion of matter. For BORCOW creation is all about continuously concurring moments of resistance that lead to overcoming what has been learned in the past and embracing the unexpected that houses in the obliteration of materials, forms and eventually the self.

« For some time now, I am intrigued by the particular ways of moulding that can lead to surprising sculptural phenomena, when I first create logical, self-centered forms and then consciously engage in their initial inner coherence. Energies and objects manifest itself within the fields of tension that diverge between harmony and dissonance. Due to the complexity of the process, it is not foreseeable which shapes will manifest itself in the end. I feel that this open-minded approach transcends our rational and therefore very limiting determining worldview by adding an incredible richness and abundance. »

ANDY WARHOL   Gaetana Enders (The Ambassadress), 1983
Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 40 × 40 inches (101,6 × 101,6 cm)
ANDY WARHOL   Hamburger, 1986
Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 10 × 12 inches (25,4 × 30,5 cm)
ANDY WARHOL   Untitled (Marilyn), circa 1978
Silkscreen ink on paper, 22.4 × 17.5 inches (57 × 44,5 cm)
ANDY WARHOL   Campbell\'s Soup Box: Chicken Noodle, 1986
Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 13.8 × 13.8 inches (35 × 35 cm)
ANDY WARHOL   Knives, 1981-1982
Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 20 × 16 inches (50,8 × 40,6 cm)
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