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I Want to Bathe in the Apple of Your Eye
March 10 - April 4, 2022
Online Only
From March 10 until April 4, 2022, Galerie von Vertes presents the online only exhibition I want to Bathe in the Apple of Your Eye. The exhibition explores what is means to be taken or to be consumed by an artistic creation.

How does it feel to bathe in a source of sparkling creativity? Mind and body are being submerged into something so compelling, beautiful, and fulfilling that its visual immersion becomes a holistic experience for the beholder. The viewer is being invited to mindfully engage in an all-embracing experience of looking, seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling.

I want to Bathe in the Apple of Your Eye shows works by Raoul Dufy, Max Ernst, Auguste Herbin, Yayoi Kusama, Emil Nolde, Gerhard Richter, Kazuo Shiraga and Pierre Soulages that appeal to the viewer to consciously connect with its colours, subjects, compositions, makers, and zeitgeist. Unexpected juxtapositions call for a playful broadened experience of the artist’s lifelong search for new vocabularies to explore and construct meaning and eventually to provoke a more differentiated reality.

EMIL NOLDE   Meer mit roten Wolken und dunklen Seglern, ca. 1935-40
Watercolour on Japan paper, 12.3 × 17.6 inches (31,2 × 44,6 cm)
MAX ERNST   La mer, 1925
Oil behind glass, 18.5 × 16.7 inches (47 × 42,5 cm)
ANDY WARHOL   Linda Oxenberg, 1985
Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas, 40.2 × 40.2 inches (102,2 × 102,2 cm)
YAYOI KUSAMA   The Sea, 1952
Ink on paper, 18.5 × 14.4 inches (47 × 36,5 cm)
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