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Subconscious Truths
Online Exhibition
December 6, 2021 – January 19, 2022

Coined in 1889 by the French Psychologist Pierre Janet (1859-1947) the term subconscious referred to a dynamic form of awareness that was situated underneath the layers of critical-thought functions of the conscious mind. Carl Jung consecutively pointed out that since there are limits to what a person can daily process the surplus of a person’s knowledge and experiences needed to be stored in an alternative storehouse. This hidden storehouse became known as the subconscious.

From very early onwards artists have sought ways to go beyond the restraints of the rational mind enabling them to access their alternative storehouse containing a prism of seemingly forgotten/repressed experiences and knowledge. Surrealists for example perceived the contents of the subconscious as far more powerful and authentic than any other product of conscious thought. This led them to borrow techniques of the psychoanalysts, like free association and collaborative creation, to enter their subconscious in writing, painting and drawing.

In our Online Exhibition Subconscious Truths Galerie von Vertes investigates how artists like George Condo, Jean Dubuffet, Sam Francis, Sigmar Polke and Man Ray explored the realm of the subconscious in their art practices. Techniques like drippings, the use of unusual materials and free association were used to eradicate preconceived notions about the world and everything in it. To explore more, please click on the video and the thumbnails. We look forward welcoming you online!

ANDY WARHOL   Untitled (Marilyn), circa 1978
Silkscreen ink on paper, 22,4 × 17,5 inches (57 × 44,5 cm)
TONY CRAGG   Gate, 2019
Polished stainless steel, 22 × 24,4 × 21,7 inches (56 × 62 × 55 cm)
LUCIO FONTANA   Concetto spaziale, 1962
Oil on canvas, 45,7 × 35 inches (116 × 89 cm)
JEAN DUBUFFET   Site avec 7 Personnages, 3 August 1981
Acrylic on paper, mounted on canvas, 19,7 × 26,4 inches (50 × 67 cm)
MAN RAY   Landscape with a Cow, 1974
Mixed media, 19,7 × 27,6 inches (50 × 70 cm)
We look forward welcoming you online!

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