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How Inquisitiveness can Elevate Us
January 6 - February 17, 2021
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From January 6 to February 17, 2021 Galerie von Vertes presents the Online Exhibition Rebellious? - How Inquisitiveness can Elevate Us. The exhibition features curious and inquisitive artists like Georg Baselitz, George Condo, Tony Cragg, Jean Dubuffet, Yayoi Kusama, Pierre Soulages and Tom Wesselmann that questioned and challenged leading aesthetics. Questioning precursors, commissioners, subject matter and techniques results often into tiny acts of rebellion that sometimes change the course of art history. By using inquisitive techniques of provocation that include humour, shock, surprise and alienation the artist can undermine artistic traditions offering new insights to the viewer. Autonomous creation is curious and questions prevailing rules and norms. Therefore, it is set to break boundaries.
Wether the inquisitiveness consists of turning the world upside down, layering natural forms that reveal our empathic side, connecting high and low art, visualising mental illness, exploring the possibilities of the colour black or sexual provocation, the artists are continually testing the comfort zones and cultural empathy of their viewers. Artists that are inquisitive can act as instigators of a pictorial iconoclastic rebellion questioning rusted norms, values, standards and assumptions. They challenge the viewer to either stay with the familiar and comfortable or embrace the disconcerting feeling of leaving all that behind.
Preview Highlights

YAYOI KUSAMA   Lemon Squash, 1992
Acrylic on canvas, 8.9 × 6.2 inches, (22,7 × 15,8 cm)
TONY CRAGG   Gate, 2019
Polished stainless stee, 22 × 24.4 × 21.7 inches, (56 × 62 × 55 cm)
GEORG BASELITZ   Untitled, 1984
Watercolour on paper, 27.6 × 19.7 inches, (70 × 50 cm)
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