DREAMING OF ABSTRACTION October 8 - November 5, 2020
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Marini, Poliakoff, Soulages
October 8 - November 5, 2020
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The shift from figurative to abstract art emerged from a collective conceptual process that presupposed a letting go of static ideas about reality. Abstraction invites you, similar to dreams, to enter unknown territories that tickle your curiosity through its opaqueness, ephemeral character and infused elements of disguise. Dreaming of Abstraction explores the investigative attitude towards perception that connects Marino Marini, Serge Poliakoff and Pierre Soulages. These artists dared to go beyond by digging deeper into the essences of seemingly ordinary things like colour, light and life itself.
All three artists question our awareness of the world around us that is often taken for granted as a given fact. By extracting essences from the building stones that our reality is made of they ask the viewer about the phenomenal and cognitive characteristics of colours and non-colours. What are the attributes and what constitutes the behaviour of a horse? What is the essence of light? What does it mean to dream?
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